DaviT Remix

Indie game Katana ZERO by Askiisoft has a great soundtrack!  I am honored that I was asked to make a remix of "Silhouette" by Bill Kiley. Hope you like it!

Patch & Tweak

Because you will never get the same patch again, I started capturing the patches I made on video and tape. This compilation is the result of the first 10 recordings I did ,trying to conquer my small 5u Moon Modular system.

Now on bandcamp!


DaviT Music - Electronic experimental music

DaviT is a musician and producer based in the Netherlands.
Investigating his musical identity as a composer, he started recording the first ideas in the winter of 2017. The final result is recorded on the debut EP called "Tansister”.  His experimental electronic music is reminiscent of a filmscore that creates a feeling of melancholy and isolation.


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